[gccsdk] Firefox Test Version

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Oct 13 12:47:31 PDT 2009

If you're after a stable, released version, stay where you are - this is
more interesting to those who what to see what I'm doing.

This version probably doesn't resolve any of the issues seen in the
last testing version, however:

  - Rewrite of the graphics backend, to be much more memory
    friendly, and hopefully faster in places.  This may avoid
    some crashes.  Not 100% finished, and some of the transparency
    stuff is wrong.

  - Work on scrollbars.  It's still terribly broken, so please
    note that if you're going to try it.

So, I'm aware of these things and anything previously reported,
so don't report problems there ;-)

Apart from that, this is an update to the Mozilla 1.8 branch,
which is fixes beyond the last 2.0.0.x release - this version
is nominally "", although that's a bit contrived.
This is the latest code that can be run on RISC OS until
Cairo issues are addressed.

Anyway, if you *do* want to try and run this, I'd appreciate
your comments on stability, with respect to auto-completion
or any other crashes you saw previously, *and* your feedback
on the perceived speed improvements.  And please again, no
reports on scrollbar handling - I hope to fix that ASAP.

Right here:



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