[gccsdk] Firefox Crashes on some sites when entering text

Brian brferris at orpheusmail.co.uk
Thu Sep 3 13:25:07 PDT 2009

I'm using the current Firefox port (Aug 2009 R8)
on an Iyonix 5.14.
On several sites including www.facebook.com
Flickr ( on organise pages)
or at www.bt.com
when I attempt to log in or enter some text in a field,Firefox quits 
and disappears.
Otherwise it's fine. I can use Netsurf on them but in a limited form, 
e.g the bits without JS and the most important !
After trying again at BT I looked at the stderr file reported and this 
is it.

nsClipboard::SetData: Cannot get ownership
nsClipboard::SetData: Cannot get ownership

Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0x117c968
  ( 138ff38) pc:   e7685c lr:   e76e70 sp:  138ff3c  
  ( 138ffa0) pc:   e76a14 lr:   e776c0 sp:  138ffa4  
  ( 138ffb0) pc:   e775c4 lr:   aa2808 sp:  138ea00  __h_cback()

  Register dump at 0138ffb4:

    a1:        0 a2: 81932780 a3: ffffffff a4:  138ea0c
    v1:        0 v2: 81932780 v3: 30800808 v4: 814addd8
    v5:        0 v6: 815a3f68 sl:  138e210 fp:  138ea8c
    ip:  138ea00 sp:  138ea00 lr:   aa2808 pc: 30800808
    cpsr: 60000010
Has anyone else had more luck with these sites or maybe it's just my 
bad luck and set up?
Check out Brian's pics at:
www.flickr.com/photos/httpflickrcomphotosbrian or

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