[gccsdk] Firefox threading changes

Paul Stewart paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk
Sat Sep 5 04:15:05 PDT 2009

In message <4AA1E850.9040705 at chocky.org>
          Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:

> I've made some changes to the event handling in ChoX11 so that it's more
> thread driven than event/poll driven, so we don't have to keep
> trying to see if RISC OS needs us to poll or collect any
> events.

> This is still experimental, and there are some locking issues
> I need to resolve - don't try and open multiple window for
> example.  But the result - well, I won't ruin the surprise.

Peter, thanks for your continued efforts with Firefox.

What I've discovered about this release is as follows: -

     Binary file now 2Mb larger
     Seams to take slightly longer to load (but desktop more 
     responsive during load)
     The rest of the desktop is more responsive when Firefox is 
     The rest of the desktop is still fully responsive even tho 
     Firefox make be busy rendering a site
     Quit from the iconbar menu no longer works

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