[gccsdk] New package naming for riscpkg packages

Alan Buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 00:42:57 PDT 2010

Just to let everyone know that the package names for
the autobuilder website and RISC OS Packaging project files
will from now on be camel case with an initial caps to match
the package names.

This will make the naming convention for the packages
match those used by the RISC OS Packaging project and
NetSurf development build riscpkg packages.

This doesn't effect the names used for debian or in

add-riscpkg now automatically sets the new package name.
A new parameter "-name" can override it's choice if you
want to do something a little more complicated. (e.g.
add a capital letter in the middle of a word).

Existing projects will start using the new names when they
are rebuilt. It may be necessary to update any -depends
paramaters on add-riscpkg to match the new package names.

I've already applied the new naming to the GCC4 packages
and a few other packages as I update them.

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