[gccsdk] Building wget on a 'fresh' autobuilder

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Thu Apr 1 14:15:53 PDT 2010

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          Frank de Bruijn <gcc-sub at aconet.nl> wrote:

> Yesterday I installed the gccsdk cross-compiler and the autobuilder on
> my Ubuntu 9.10 box. Revision 4540, according to the svn checkout.
> Building this was only delayed by installing the help2man tool, which
> wasn't mentioned in the 'full list' on the Using_GCCSDK page (I had
> installed all the other tools beforehand).

Could you update Wiki page plz ? The gcc4/README needs updating as well
but I'll do that.

> Then I thought I might as well try the 'Simple Autobuilder example' and
> build wget. The autobuilder then complained about three extra tools that
> needed to be installed, also not mentioned on the page (intltool,
> automake-1,7 and polkit). But that was only the start of it...

Those extra requirements have no doubt been added later.  It is not very
ideal as that list is becoming a requirement to build all (or nearly all)
Autobuilder projects which is perhaps becoming a burden for the occational
Autobuilder user.  It might very well you only need a very tiny subset
of those tools for just building wget and its dependencies.

> Apparently, the dependencies have had numerous upstream changes. The
> first thing that needed extra attention was libssl0.9.8, because of
> three patches that didn't work. After I had handled that, the next
> dependency that failed was dpkg. Every time I fix something there, I get
> a little further in the process, but I'm still nowhere near compiling
> wget itself.
> I'd like to make sure I haven't been wasting my time so far because I
> took a wrong turn somewhere. So could someone with more experience with
> these tools please confirm that trying to build wget on a completely
> 'fresh' autobuilder actually does fail all over the place? Thanks.

I know that Peter has not so long ago gone through substantial trouble
to have all (nearly all ?) Autobuilder projects built again so there
might be some patch bit rot since then.  Although, perhaps it is worth
checking where you are pulling the sources from ?

If you want to help out getting some projects more up-to-date, that
would be awesome and we're more than happy to give you svn commit
rights. :-)

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