[gccsdk] mk project

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Tue May 4 07:33:42 PDT 2010

In message <20100504125649.A1DA75B9F at blake.inputplus.co.uk> you wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> > unix.c: In function 'maketmp':
> > unix.c:297: warning: implicit declaration of function 'mkstemp'
> This is saying a call to mkstemp() is occurring without a function
> prototype being seen that declares its arguments and return type;  an
> implicit declaration rather than explicit is being used.
> The prototype for mkstemp() can be found by `#include <stdlib.h>'.
> Cheers,
> Ralph.
Thanks for the reply to my first posting Ralph, a bit in the dark.
I thought the Unixlib libs were included by default when you run
Anyway, I tried #include <stdlib.h> and it still gets the error.
I think the name mkstemp sounds like it is a mk variable.
I entered a declaration 'int mkstemp();' below the 'int fd:'
and it satisfied the compiler, (no warning) but I am unsure
how correct this is and it hasn't changed the behavior of mk.

Ron M.        

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