[gccsdk] Adding 'mkimage' to the autobuilder

Jeffrey Lee me at phlamethrower.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 14:16:46 PDT 2010


As you may/may not know, there's a tool called 'mkimage' which comes with 
the source of the u-boot bootloader. The mkimage tool is used to add 
metadata headers, checksums, etc. to files in order to allow u-boot to
safely use those files at runtime. And since u-boot is the bootloader of
choice for OMAP3 boards, a RISC OS port of the mkimage tool is a rather
handy thing to have.

So with that in mind I've attached an autobuilder recipe for building 
mkimage and turning it into a RiscPkg package. Only a handful of source 
changes are needed to get it to compile, so I don't expect there to be 
much of a maintenance overhead if the package is added to the autobuilder. 
However there is one big hack, which is that I've added my own mmap() 
implementation, since mkimage uses mmap for writing to files, something 
which the current unixlib implementation doesn't support.

Let me know your thoughts on adding this to the autobuilder. If you want I 
can have a go at adding file writing support to unixlib's mmap() 
implementation, but bear in mind that I'm not exactly an expert on how 
mmap() is meant to behave.


- Jeffrey
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