[gccsdk] Adding 'mkimage' to the autobuilder

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Wed Sep 29 15:10:37 PDT 2010

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          Jeffrey Lee <me at phlamethrower.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> As you may/may not know, there's a tool called 'mkimage' which comes with 
> the source of the u-boot bootloader. The mkimage tool is used to add 
> metadata headers, checksums, etc. to files in order to allow u-boot to
> safely use those files at runtime. And since u-boot is the bootloader of
> choice for OMAP3 boards, a RISC OS port of the mkimage tool is a rather
> handy thing to have.
> So with that in mind I've attached an autobuilder recipe for building 
> mkimage and turning it into a RiscPkg package. Only a handful of source 
> changes are needed to get it to compile, so I don't expect there to be 
> much of a maintenance overhead if the package is added to the autobuilder. 
> However there is one big hack, which is that I've added my own mmap() 
> implementation, since mkimage uses mmap for writing to files, something 
> which the current unixlib implementation doesn't support.
> Let me know your thoughts on adding this to the autobuilder.

Sure, that's most welcome to be added to autobuilder.  Thanks for the

> If you want I 
> can have a go at adding file writing support to unixlib's mmap() 
> implementation, but bear in mind that I'm not exactly an expert on how 
> mmap() is meant to behave.

Seeing what you had to implement for mmap() for mkimage, we should move
that to UnixLib.  A full implementation won't be possible but limited
one (like this) should.  But we should return an error for all cases
we don't have support for.  If you could do a first shot, I'm happy
to review & commit.

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