[gccsdk] GCCSDK 4.1.2 Rel 1 preparation

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Sat Apr 9 05:31:51 PDT 2011

I would like to get GCCSDK 4.1.2 released the coming days.  It will contain
15 months accumulation of bug fixes and improvements.  Changelist so
far is <URL:http://www.riscos.info/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=gccsdk&path=%2Fbranches%2Frelease_4_1_2%2Friscos%2Fdist%2F!GCC%2Fdocs%2FChanges>.

Stabilising the GCCSDK 4.1.2 code base will happen on the
branches/release_4_1_2 SVN branch so if you were tracking trunk and would
like to stick to that code base, do:

  $ cd <your current trunk/gcc4 checkout>
  $ svn switch svn://svn.riscos.info/gccsdk/branches/release_4_1_2/

Please bring any possible showstopper/regression under my attension
(preferably via Bugzilla or this mailing list).

The GCCSDK 4.6 work done so far will be merged to trunk and I hope we will
find enough time to track the GCC 4.7 developments as well.

John Tytgat, in his comfy chair at home                                 BASS
John.Tytgat at aaug.net                             ARM powered, RISC OS driven

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