[gccsdk] killpg function not implemented

Alan Buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 05:31:44 PST 2011

Ralph Corderoy wrote:

> > In the short term is there a workaround I can use to provide the
> > functionality? I assume I would need to use the kill function and
> > somehow finding the processes in the same group.

> Perhaps the implementation of kill(2) has this already?  Linux's
> killpg(2) says
>   On Linux, killpg() is implemented as a library function that makes
>    the call kill(-pgrp, sig).
> which is how I traditionally think it was done, pre-killpg().

Thanks for the suggestion, but looking at the gcc code it doesn't
appear to implement this (though I could be misreading the


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