[gccsdk] tilda at start of filename

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Sat Mar 19 04:04:13 PDT 2011

As far as I can tell, there is a problem using ~abcd as a filename.
Using the cross-compiler and !SharedLibs, I guess.
While tar is going through directories, when it encounters a
filename starting with ~ the file is ignored and it jumps to
!Boot:Choices and starts with the whole Choices directory.
This sounds like some sort of unixlib transform. However tar uses
the ~ as a "simple backup suffix" also.
Another cross-compiler port I have doesn't like the ~abcd name
either and it still sounds like it has redirected to another
file.(maybe more random, I couldn't get it to take to

Unable to find correct AAC sound track in the MP4 file.
*faad ~luv.m4a -o toluv.wav

The binaries I have downloaded from riscosinfo are behaving OK,
so maybe this is another case of !SharedLibs/Unixlib behaving
It could be something I have missed, but I thought it better to 
report it early rather than later.

Thanks, Ron M. 

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