[gccsdk] GCC 4.1.2 Release 1 Native Compilation Segmentation Fault

Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Wed Apr 25 10:20:43 PDT 2012

On 25/04/12 17:17, pdmiller at pdmiller1.plus.com wrote:
> I've just installed GCC 4.1.2 release 1 onto my VRPC AdjustSA RO 6.20
> system, including SharedUnixlib 1.12, and the latest !SharedLibs. I get a
> segmentation fault when compiling certain c files. It looks like they are
> greater than a certain size in some way. They compile ok with the previous
> GCC release. I don't remember getting this error with the previous
> release,
> or having to do anything to increase a slot size, etc. My next slot is set
> to 10240k. Have I missed or forgotten to do something, or is it a real
> bug.

Could you please post one of the offending files that will demonstrate 
the problem.


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