[gccsdk] [Bug 229] GCC 4.1.2 Release 2 Dev: glob() ignores files with hardspace.

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--- Comment #2 from Duncan Moore <duncan_moore at ntlworld.com> 2012-04-27 03:47:34 PDT ---
What I wrote was ambiguous. Just to make clear, the hardspace was in the
filenames of files in the current directory, not in the directory name itself.

So for these 3 files in a directory:

m m           This has a hardspace in the middle
mém           This has an e acute in the middle

With 4.1.2 Release 2 Development, the test program gives:

err                 = 0
file_list->gl_pathc = 1
0 mem

This does not happen with gcc 4.1.2 Release 1 Dev of Jan 2011 (NB this is the
version dated Jan 2011, not the Mar 2012 version with the same name!). This

err                 = 0
file_list->gl_pathc = 3
0 mem
1 m m
2 mém

Exactly the same happens on all of HostFS, RAM, Mem (!Memphis), ArcFS and CDFS
i.e. current version fails, older versions work.

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