[gccsdk] stderr 2 file advantage

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Thu Dec 20 14:46:38 PST 2012

John wrote:
> > Very bizar, looks like a real bug somewhere but someone needs to dig
> > into this as I don't think we can just guess it based on above facts
> > only.

Perhaps there's something up with stderr, file descriptor 2, and that
causes the first signal the handling of which wobbles because it would
like to use stderr?

Is there something on RISC OS like strace(1) now?  On Linux, one can see
tar doing things like GET_FD on FD 2 early on, with, for example, an
opening of /dev/null if it's a bad file descriptor.

    tar -xvf foo.tar 2>&-

Cheers, Ralph.

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