[gccsdk] Checking in files with !SVN

W P Blatchley w.blatchley at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 14:04:09 PST 2012


Could somebody point me in the right direction using !SVN from RISC OS,  

I've created a repository (svnadmin create) on my NAS box, and set up  
WebSVN there too, all no problems.

I can checkout (svn co) my new, empty repository on RISC OS using !SVN  

Then I created a folder "c" and a file inside "Test" on my RISC OS  
machine, added the folder (svn add c) and added the file (dir c; svn add  
Test), and committed (svn ci). This all worked fine, except of course that  
in WebSVN, "Test" looks like a plain ASCII file, and not a .c file.

So I did everything again, this time trying to do a single 'svn add' of  
"Test.c" from the root directory (containing the "c" folder), hoping that  
!SVN would do some filename translation, as I believe the CVS port does.  
But !SVN crashed at that point.

Could someone tell me the right way to do what I'm trying to do please?



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