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> I have noticed previously when using the cross-compiler that -pthread
> gets attached to the compiler string but there is always the reply
> that it is unknown after each use.
> Now I have found a makefile that attaches the -pthread flag as a CFLAG
> /and/ as an LDFLAG.
> Is this flag just a method of compiling or does it effect the 
> output code?

We have a complete gcc manual in HTML in !GCC (accessible via !Help).  The
2nd last section in that manual is titled 'Option index' where you can find
the explanation on the -pthread option.

This option is a target specific option for SPARC, RS/6000 and IA-64.
It is irrevalant (and hence, unexisting) for the ARM target.

POSIX(ish) pthread support is standard when UnixLib runtime library
is selected, unsupported when the SCL runtime library is used (for obvious

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