[gccsdk] Default source repository

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Thu Jan 19 16:56:05 PST 2012

Many of the autobuilder packages are broken due to movements upstream.  This
is because the default repository used for them is either Debian 'testing'
or Debian 'unstable', which move on a daily basis.  There was a previous
suggestion that a less volatile repository be used, so that efforts don't
have to focus on a moving target.

I think we have two candidates:

Debian 'squeeze'
Release: Feb 2011
Supported until: next Debian + 1 year, guess 2014

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Release: Apr 2012 (beta available in a few weeks)
Supported until: Apr 2017

Any opinions?  Ubuntu 12.04 is currently still a moving target, but since
they've already frozen their feed of Debian packages for this release I
think major changes are unlikely for the sort of packages we're interested
in (ie not stuff tightly coupled to the Ubuntu user experience).

Or any other ideas?


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