[gccsdk] Nettle autobuilder patch

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Mon Jul 2 23:29:38 PDT 2012

In message <SNT136-ds125BD0D495DB56B157B57AF0E50 at phx.gbl>
          "Alan Buckley" <alan_baa at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I've checked in the socketwatch autobuilder stuff now. If there
> is someone who could build it and knows how to check its
> OK, I will then rebuild it and upload it to the web.
> Regards,
> Alan

I have done 'svn update' and ./build socketwatch without problems.
The two zipped package files arrived in 
autobuilder/autobuilder_packages/network and I have run the 
module on the Iyonix with !Nettle and all is well so far.

I have just tryed building the Nettle package a second time, to see
if it would put its packages in the correct place, but I get updates
then patch errors.
I will try to attach the failure to this post

Ron M. 
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Autobuilder: Building package: nettle
Autobuilder: Fetching source for nettle
cvs checkout: CVS password file /home/ron/.cvspass does not exist - creating a new file
cvs checkout: Updating nettle
U nettle/!Make,fd7
U nettle/!RelSrc,fd7
U nettle/!Release,fd7
U nettle/.cvsignore
U nettle/GNUmakefile
U nettle/History
U nettle/License
U nettle/Makefile,fe1
U nettle/TODO
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle
U nettle/!Nettle/!Boot,feb
U nettle/!Nettle/!Help
U nettle/!Nettle/!Run,feb
U nettle/!Nettle/!Sprites,ff9
U nettle/!Nettle/!Sprites11,ff9
U nettle/!Nettle/!Sprites22,ff9
U nettle/!Nettle/.cvsignore
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Choices
U nettle/!Nettle/Choices/Default
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Fonts
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x08
U nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x08/0,ffd
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x08/System
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x16
U nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x16/0,ffd
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Fonts/08x16/Default
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/PollTest,ffc
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/ZapRedraw,ffa
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources/France
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/France/Messages
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/France/Templates,fec
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources/Germany
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/Germany/Messages
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/Germany/Templates,fec
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources/UK
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/UK/Messages
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/UK/Templates,fec
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources/ZRMessages
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/!Nettle/Resources/ZRMessages/UK
U nettle/!Nettle/Resources/ZRMessages/UK/Messages
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/c
U nettle/c/chardefn
U nettle/c/choices
U nettle/c/dnslib
U nettle/c/fortify
U nettle/c/globals
U nettle/c/hotlist
U nettle/c/init
U nettle/c/keyboard
U nettle/c/lineedit
U nettle/c/main
U nettle/c/messages
U nettle/c/misc
U nettle/c/mouse
U nettle/c/nettle
U nettle/c/procesescx
U nettle/c/process
U nettle/c/processesc
U nettle/c/processiac
U nettle/c/quit
U nettle/c/scripts
U nettle/c/seln
U nettle/c/socket
U nettle/c/sockwatch
U nettle/c/spool
U nettle/c/templheadr
U nettle/c/termlist
U nettle/c/url
U nettle/c/wimp
U nettle/c/wimputil
U nettle/c/zapgen
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/h
U nettle/h/.cvsignore
U nettle/h/chardefn
U nettle/h/choices
U nettle/h/dnslib
U nettle/h/fortify
U nettle/h/generic
U nettle/h/globals
U nettle/h/graphics
U nettle/h/hotlist
U nettle/h/init
U nettle/h/keyboard
U nettle/h/lineedit
U nettle/h/main
U nettle/h/messages
U nettle/h/misc
U nettle/h/mouse
U nettle/h/nettle
U nettle/h/process
U nettle/h/quit
U nettle/h/scripts
U nettle/h/seln
U nettle/h/socket
U nettle/h/sockwatch
U nettle/h/spool
U nettle/h/termlist
U nettle/h/ufortify
U nettle/h/url
U nettle/h/wimp
U nettle/h/wimputil
U nettle/h/zapredraw
cvs checkout: Updating nettle/s
Autobuilder: source directory is /home/ron/gccsdk/autobuilder/nettle/nettle
Autobuilder: RISC OS patch: /home/ron/gccsdk/autobuilder/network/nettle/.p
patching file GNUmakefile
patch: **** malformed patch at line 32:  

Autobuilder: RISC OS patch: /home/ron/gccsdk/autobuilder/network/nettle/Run.p
patching file '!Nettle/!Run,feb'
Autobuilder: RISC OS patch: /home/ron/gccsdk/autobuilder/network/nettle/GNUmakefile.p
patching file GNUmakefile
patch: **** malformed patch at line 32:  

Autobuilder: Patches failed

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