[gccsdk] [Bug 230] Attempting to compile some C files produces "internal compiler error: Unknown signal"

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Tue May 1 14:46:13 PDT 2012


John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> 2012-05-01 14:46:13 PDT ---
ICE is due to loading a bogus word in UnixLib's __stackfree().  Full stack

Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0xd0889c
  (  f87dbc) pc:  26d2ee0 lr:  26d34f0 sp:   f87dc0  __write_backtrace()
  (  f87e38) pc:  26d3028 lr:  26d4e6c sp:   f87e3c  __unixlib_raise_signal()
  (  f87e48) pc:  26d4d20 lr:  26e980c sp:   f86044  __h_cback()

  Register dump at 00f87e4c:

    a1: 36187fc0 a2:   4c4434 a3:   f85e94 a4:   831ff8
    v1:   cfda04 v2:   f85e98 v3:   d0c2ac v4:   cfda04
    v5:   bbe0b8 v6:       73 sl:   f85e6c fp:   f86060
    ip: e1a03000 sp:   f86044 lr: 226e980c pc: 226e816c
    Mode USR, flags set: nzCvif

  026e8158 : .À‘. : 1591c008 : LDRNE   R12,[R1,#8]
  026e815c : 1... : 0a000031 : BEQ     &026E8228
  026e8160 : .0.å : e5153004 : LDR     R3,[R5,#-4]
  026e8164 : ƒ.ƒà : e0830483 : ADD     R0,R3,R3,LSL #9
  026e8168 : €. á : e1a00180 : MOV     R0,R0,LSL #3
  026e816c : .p’ç : e7927000 : LDR     R7,[R2,R0]
  026e8170 : .Àƒà : e083c00c : ADD     R12,R3,R12
  026e8174 : ..Wã : e3570000 : CMP     R7,#0
  026e8178 : .Àå : e581c008 : STR     R12,[R1,#8]

  (  f86060) pc:  26e8128 lr:  26e980c sp:   f86064  __stackfree()
  (  f860b0) pc:   242a38 lr:   243194 sp:   f860b4  extract_muldiv()
  (  f860fc) pc:   242a38 lr:   230558 sp:   f86100  extract_muldiv()
  (  f861d4) pc:   225380 lr:   2358c4 sp:   f861d8  fold_binary_loc()
  (  f861fc) pc:   23589c lr:   243934 sp:   f86200  fold_build2_stat_loc()
  (  f86248) pc:   242a38 lr:   230558 sp:   f8624c  extract_muldiv()
  (  f86320) pc:   225380 lr:   2358c4 sp:   f86324  fold_binary_loc()
  (  f86348) pc:   23589c lr:   23f47c sp:   f8634c  fold_build2_stat_loc()
  (  f86384) pc:   23f244 lr:   22ae10 sp:   f86388  fold_plusminus_mult_expr()
  (  f8645c) pc:   225380 lr:   2358c4 sp:   f86460  fold_binary_loc()
  (  f86484) pc:   23589c lr:   24394c sp:   f86488  fold_build2_stat_loc()
  (  f864d0) pc:   242a38 lr:   230558 sp:   f864d4  extract_muldiv()
  (  f865a8) pc:   225380 lr:   2358c4 sp:   f865ac  fold_binary_loc()
  (  f865d0) pc:   23589c lr:   2257f4 sp:   f865d4  fold_build2_stat_loc()
  (  f866a8) pc:   225380 lr:   2482d8 sp:   f866ac  fold_binary_loc()
  (  f866e0) pc:   24818c lr:   10ffe4 sp:   f866e4  fold()
  (  f86740) pc:   10eba0 lr:   110150 sp:   f86744  c_fully_fold_internal()
  (  f86760) pc:   1100e0 lr:    d41b0 sp:   f86764  c_fully_fold()
  (  f867ac) pc:    d3fb8 lr:    e29bc sp:   f867b0  build_modify_expr()
  (  f86804) pc:    e2808 lr:    e2e08 sp:   f86808  c_parser_expr_no_commas()
  (  f86864) pc:    e2de8 lr:    e3324 sp:   f86868  c_parser_expression()
  (  f86890) pc:    e32d8 lr:    e9dec sp:   f86894  c_parser_expression_conv()
  (  f86968) pc:    e9c78 lr:    ec130 sp:   f8696c 
  (  f869ac) pc:    ebe88 lr:    edc28 sp:   f869b0 
  (  f869c8) pc:    edbc4 lr:    ea034 sp:   f869cc 
  (  f86aa0) pc:    e9c78 lr:    eb42c sp:   f86aa4 
  (  f86b78) pc:    e9c78 lr:    ec130 sp:   f86b7c 
  (  f86bbc) pc:    ebe88 lr:    edc28 sp:   f86bc0 
  (  f86bd8) pc:    edbc4 lr:    eb828 sp:   f86bdc 
  (  f86cb0) pc:    e9c78 lr:    ec130 sp:   f86cb4 
  (  f86cf4) pc:    ebe88 lr:    edc28 sp:   f86cf8 
  (  f86d10) pc:    edbc4 lr:    e94e4 sp:   f86d14 
  (  f86d98) pc:    e895c lr:    ef110 sp:   f86d9c 
  (  f86dd0) pc:    ef090 lr:    effc4 sp:   f86dd4 
  (  f86e14) pc:    efe68 lr:   11de60 sp:   f86e18  c_parse_file()
  (  f86e38) pc:   11ddf4 lr:   39a58c sp:   f86e3c  c_common_parse_file()
  (  f86e80) pc:   3998b4 lr:  26e92d8 sp:   f86e84  toplev_main()

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