[gccsdk] [Bug 235] GCC 4.1.2 Rel 2 Dev 2012-05-01: Problem reading Archive image files.

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--- Comment #3 from Duncan Moore <duncan_moore at ntlworld.com> 2012-05-07 02:51:06 PDT ---
GCCSDK GCC 4.1.2 Release 2 Development 2012-05-05

Having looked at this again, I've noticed that if the output of the test case
is redirected to a file (i.e. test > z) rather than a TaskWindow, then the
output is different but still wrong, but at a quick glance looks correct.

This shows the difference from what I would expect, the difference being on the
second to last line:

      Expected          What I get

        <output removed by hand>
    TextfileS2  -1      TextfileS2  -1
     TextfileU  -1       TextfileU  -1
     textg.b9b  -1       textg.b9b  -1
     texth.b9b  -1       texth.b9b  -1
     texti.b9b  -1       texti.b9b  -1
     textj.b9b  -1       textj.b9b  -1
     textk.b9b  -1   |   textk.b9Q  -1
     trans.b9b  -1       trans.b9b  -1

Does this explain why it (seems to) works on your system John, and not mine?

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