[gccsdk] Autobuilder libglib2.0-0

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Tue Feb 4 14:42:36 PST 2014

I had a problem where libffi was not linking when trying to build
After examining the make file I found plain native gcc was being
used rather than arm-unknown-riscos-gcc.
In the libglib2.0-0 setvars file I remarked out these lines.

# build for local system to build local tools
#make install
#make clean

And then libglib2.0-0 built successfully.
Can someone explain the intention of the above or perhaps
correct my misunderstanding.

At some point I seemed to have found the need to add lines

export LIBFFI_CFLAGS=-I/home/ron/gccsdk/env/lib/libffi-3.0.13/include
export LIBFFI_LIBS="-L/home/ron/gccsdk/env/lib -lffi"
But I'm unsure wether this is necessary now, and the stopping of the
running of ./configure as previously outlined appears to be the 
large issue.

Thanks,  Ron M.

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