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John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Fri Jan 3 08:33:43 PST 2014

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          Ron <beeb at woosh.co.nz> wrote:

> I have been compiling various audio utilities and today I came across
> an obstacle with #include <wchar.h> :924
> /* Define some macros helping to catch buffer overflows.  */
> #if __USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL > 0 && defined __extern_always_inline
> # include <bits/wchar2.h>
> #endif
> #ifdef __LDBL_COMPAT
> # include <bits/wchar-ldbl.h>
> #endif
> There is no <bits/wchar2.h> so though LibFLAC compiled when I changed
> this to <bits/wchar.h> I'm assuming I probably should be undefining
> __USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL somewhere.

We don't have support for _FORTIFY_SOURCE #define in UnixLib.  So the
functions which are normally declared in bits/wchar2.h are not there.
I've just fixed UnixLib wchar.h header for this problem.  Thanks for
the report.

Incidently, I've also upgraded trunk to use binutils 2.14 (i.e. last
month's release, instead of version 2.13.2) and also included the build
of libtool which will hopefully result in more reliable compiler builds.

If you do a 'svn update' now, do 'make clean' first in order to do a full
build as otherwise you won't have all those changes.

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