[gccsdk] RePackaging using trunk GCC instead of 4.1.2

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Wed Jan 8 14:15:13 PST 2014

In article <ac2ae8c553.Jo at hobbes.bass-software.com>,
   John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> wrote:
> In message <DUB120-DS25CCE559AA95FFE130FA9F0B70 at phx.gbl>
>           "Alan Buckley" <alan_baa at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > It seems there are a few potential problems so it may be
> > better to stick with GCC 4.1.2 after all.

> I disagree as...

> > Is there any compelling reason I should update to GCC 4.7?

> ...only by using the compiler on real code, we're able to find problems
> and fix them.  We really can use that kind of testing now by other people
> and have problems reported.  Otherwise the codebase risks to remain as is.

> But of course you have the choice to use whatever version you want.

> > If so, is there a way I can set the "-mno-unaligned-access" flag
> > in the autobuilder so I don't have to change every package?

> I would prefer to hear some details on this issue before resorting to
> workarounds.  Chris ?

I'll try and find a simple program that exhibits the problem.


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