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          David Gee <david_m_gee at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

> Yes, that's it exactly. I forgot that Unixlib would expect Unix-style 
> file specifications. Normally I would check that the file existed but in 
> this particular case, the program isn't called unless the file _is_ 
> there (there's an IfThere command in an obey file).

Thanks for the confirmation.

> Obviously if I wanted to I could then use __unixify_std (or similar) 
> from unixlib/local.h but in this case compiling to use the Shared C 
> Library seems better--it works correctly without needing an additional 
> function call and the binary produced is also smaller.

If the SCL does what you need, then that's a perfectly fine choice.

But FYI, you can also define the global variable __riscosify_control
with value __RISCOSIFY_NO_PROCESS (#include <unixlib/local.h>) and then
all filenames passed to (and get from) UnixLib are interpreted in normal
RISC OS filename syntax.

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