[gccsdk] gtk glib or gmodule problem

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Thu Oct 30 18:53:57 PDT 2014

Can anyone say what could be causing these errors?

Running a gtk2 calculater emulator I get:
RISC OS error:
'has suffered a fatal internal error (Window Manager is currently in
use) and must quit immediately'

And then the TaskWindow outputs:
Using 'dlopen' requires dynamic linking: Success

(free42bin:134785469): GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_symbol: assertion
`module != NULL' failed

(free42bin:134785469): GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_close: assertion `module != NULL' failed

I've tried a few things in the makefile, but always the same errors.

TIA Ron M.

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