[gccsdk] gtk glib or gmodule problem

Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Fri Oct 31 11:06:09 PDT 2014

On 31/10/14 01:53, Ron wrote:
> Can anyone say what could be causing these errors?
> Running a gtk2 calculater emulator I get:
> RISC OS error:
> 'has suffered a fatal internal error (Window Manager is currently in
> use) and must quit immediately'

I would assume that the gtk2 program is a WIMP application, so you would
run it as such, ie, from an obey file that sets up the environment
(wimpslot, system variables, etc) and then runs the binary.
It sounds like you're trying to run it from a taskwindow which is I
believe a WIMP task and is why you get the Window Manager in use error.

> And then the TaskWindow outputs:
> Using 'dlopen' requires dynamic linking: Success

Are you static linking? dlopen doesn't work in static binaries; you have
to use dynamic linking. When static linking, the dlopen, dlsym and
dlclose functions are dummy versions that return an error like the one

> (free42bin:134785469): GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_symbol: assertion
> `module != NULL' failed
> (free42bin:134785469): GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_close: assertion `module != NULL' failed

These are the result of dlopen failing.

> I've tried a few things in the makefile, but always the same errors.

If your program needs to load libraries at runtime using dlopen, then
dynamic linking is required.


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