[gccsdk] Converting ELF into AOF or ALF?

Steve Fryatt lists at stevefryatt.org.uk
Sat Aug 15 04:54:44 PDT 2015

For reasons of convenience, it would useful for me to be able to generate
libraries in ALF format alongside the ELF versions that I currently produce
from GCCSDK. I can obviously do it via Norcroft, but that means munging the
Linux-based source files into a structure that Norcroft will work with and
keeping the two sets in step with each other.

Following a similar discussion on the ROOL forums recently, I was wondering
about a tool to convert the ELF object files into AOF (and then ALF) --
similar in concept to elf2aif, I suppose.

Having had a quick look at the two formats, it seems that it might be
possible to convert one into the other, but there's a nagging worry that
even if I handle all of the symbol and relocation details correctly, the
actual structures of the compiled code and data might not be compatible. Any
files would be linked to the Shared C Library in the final instance, if that
makes a difference.

So, before I waste too much time on this side project, is anyone already
able to say that it /won't/ work for whatever reason? If so, there seems
little point spending time reaching the same conclusion that other people
have already reached before me!

Or, even better, is there already a solution out there that Google has

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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