[gccsdk] Autobuilder query

John Ballance jwb at macpcrepair.co.uk
Mon Dec 7 03:17:48 PST 2015

Hi Alan

I have succeeded in setting the command in the AB_DISTCLEAN variable.

Perhaps the system should permit override on all the routines that are 
in the build-program script??

Not urgent though.. I managed to get all the code I would have used into 
one long line....

Thanks, and Cheers


On 07/12/2015 08:36, alan buckley wrote:
> John Ballance wrote on Wednesday, December 02, 2015 8:21 PM:
>> In a thing I'm working on has the main build dir in a subdir of its 
>> source tree.
>> It does a make and make install  something like (cd $myblddir; $AB_MAKE)
>> However, whilst it appears that ab_make() and ab_package() can be 
>> overridden
>> in the setvars file, I don't seem to be able to override the 
>> ab_distclean() function?..
>> Should I be able to, or, does the autobuilder build-program script 
>> need amending to permit this?
> I've had a look at the code in build-program this weekend and there 
> isn't an ab_distclean
> overidable function. Instead it does an eval $AB_DISTCLEAN so you 
> would need to set
> the AB_DISTCLEAN variable to the command required to do the clean.
> I'm not sure why the distclean didn't follow the same pattern as the 
> others.
> Would you be able to set a command in AB_DISTCLEAN for your project?
> If not, then I will have a look at what's required to modify 
> build-program to
> provide an ab_distclean override.
> Regards,
> Alan
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