[gccsdk] !GCC header include error

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Sun Jan 11 12:44:05 PST 2015

I use !GCC 4.1.2 built with a few changes to allow linux-like
directories. (Non norcroft style).
I think this error is outside of sfix being on or off though.

I find that make will descend into a diectory named cmd.src and I think
most ports handle this type of directory name OK.

However gcc, in this case g++ will not find it with -I../cmd.src and
the only cure is to change the directory name and all references to it
to plain cmd.src

This doesn't happen in the cross-compiler with the same code, so it is I
think a !GCC problem, but confirmation from someone with a standard !GCC
might be helpful.

On a brighter note, I found the debian sourced dash compiled straight
off, and reading a bit about it, is aimed at being posix compliant,
bloat-free and for use in the non-interactive mode.
Using it as SHELL in a makefile has been giving positive results so far.
'for var in varlist do $MAKE ...' is working where I couldn't get bash
to work, So it looks promising. A recent update reduced the use of
forks, which sounds like a good thing also.

The dash source is very simple, one src directory, one makefile, one c
file per task. A good choice for a bash like shell if changes were
needed. It could be compiled with libreadline or OSLib to give it line
edit, and it may be possible to give it more builtins to make it more
standalone. (and perhaps bloated).

Thanks, Ron M.

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