[gccsdk] make: File '-c' not found

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Fri Jan 30 22:51:55 PST 2015

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          Ron <beeb at woosh.co.nz> wrote:

> I'm pretty sure the -c  thing is because your Makefile SHELL variable is resolving to something that doesn't understand the -c switch.
> I think the default for /bin/bash is just the RISC OS CLI unless you add a ported shell and adjust the path accordingly.
> You could try the existing port of bash, or email me for a copy of the slimmer dash, which I found (recently) to work well with make.
> If you are using a Linux style Makefile there may be other commands you find missing.

>From the gnu make manual

'The program used as the shell is taken from the variable SHELL. If this
variable is not set in your makefile, the program /bin/sh is used as the
shell. The argument(s) passed to the shell are taken from the variable
.SHELLFLAGS. The default value of .SHELLFLAGS is -c normally, or -ec in
POSIX-conforming mode.'

You may see a difference just by using (in the makefile)


Ron M.

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