[gccsdk] make: File '-c' not found

Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Sat Jan 31 06:49:14 PST 2015

On 31/01/15 13:52, WPB wrote:


> Actually printf is on the run path already. And from the command line,
> the printf command works just fine. The error "File '-c' not found" only
> occurs when the command is executed my make.
> Thanks for the pointers on '\n' - I was wondering why escaping things
> doesn't work as expected. I don't think it's make's fault. From the
> command line, too, printf commands seem to ignore '\n', and just take
> out the '\'.
> I find it hard to believe that this error doesn't come up all the time.
> There must be umpteen makefiles for GCC on RISC OS that use echo or
> printf, and on my setup at least, they all bomb out with the error
> message that is the subject of this thread.

If you do "make -p", you'll see a number of lines like this:


If those variables are all empty, then that leaves you with -c,
so I wonder if a compile rule is being invoked with empty
variables somehow.


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