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David Gee david_m_gee at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Nov 6 06:28:15 PST 2015

In my view this is a bug in GCC SDK. It makes GCC all but useless for porting command line programs—it shouldn't be necessary to change the mode file just for this: Norcroft (unsurprisingly) works correctly—as does GCC on other platforms.

This has been a "feature" for a long time—it's in GCC 4.1.2 too—and affects all task window managers that I've tried on RO 4.39 and 5.21. Isn't it time it was fixed?

David Gee

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>> Running a C program in a Taskwindow. It reads from stdio and
>> outputs it. The backspace key, instead of backspacing,
>> produces ^H. I am assuming that this is because the program
>> is using gets and puts from the stdio library. Is that
>> right? Are there alternative functions that interpret control
>> sequences gracefully rather than display control characters with a
>> ^-prefix?
> I'll leave the alternative functions to someone who knows them,

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