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>It's slightly complicated.  There is a code for backspace (ASCII 8, aka
>Ctrl-H) and there is a code for Delete (127).  There has been an eternal
>argument in Unix terminal circles which should be backspace and which should
>be delete:
>In Unix, you fix this in your termcap or with stty - ie you can configure it
>on a per-terminal basis.  The reason you may wish to configure it is that if
>you set Backspace=Delete then you can no longer tell the difference: this
>might not be a problem for command line editing, but becomes more of an
>issue for full-screen console programs where you want to pass keypresses
>through unchanged and let the program deal with them.

Many thanks for this explanation.  I set Backspace=Delete in StrongED which
is enough for my purposes. The RiscLua lexer sees hard spaces (0xa0) as
soft ones (0x20) already, but not in strings, so all 256 codes are still
representable and distinct in Lua strings.
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