[gccsdk] Recursion of SIGSEV

Gavin Wraith gavin at wra1th.plus.com
Wed Nov 11 04:39:15 PST 2015

I need some help. I am getting, after a few minutes
of running a wimp task, an error message

 UnixLib detected recursion of signal SIGSEV. Exiting

After which other tasks start complaining. My task
is the Lua interpreter with the code for calling SWIs
loaded dynamically. I cannot see that that should have
any behaviour different from the situation where it is
linked statically, and the past statically linked
programs worked fine.

Has anybody any experience of this error, and can they
explain what may be causing it? As I say, it takes a
few minutes to show itself. It looks as if something is
writing to addresses outside their own slot.

Gavin Wraith (gavin at wra1th.plus.com)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/

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