[gccsdk] readelf

Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Sun Nov 22 06:37:45 PST 2015

On 22/11/15 14:22, Gavin Wraith wrote:
> In message <5651B6B5.5000508 at sky.com>
>            Lee Noar <leenoar at sky.com> wrote:
>> It seems that SYSCFLAGS is not referenced when the compile rule
>> in the makefile is invoked. Is it possible that the variable
>> name was changed in the update?
>> Perhaps you should post the whole makefile so we can try and
>> spot what's going on.
> I tried moving the -mfpu=vfp -mtune=cortex-a7 options from
> SYSCFLAGS to MYCFLAGS. No success. I even tried moving them
> to CC so that the makefile had
> CC= gcc -std=gnu99 -mfpu=vfp -mtune=cortex-a7
> Still no success.

lapi.c is built with g++ though, so you would have to add -mfpu=vfp
to the CXXFLAGS as well.
So you'd want something like:


Note that CXX is the g++ compiler, which is why changing CC had no


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