[gccsdk] Shared library code and modules

Matthew Phillips spam2011m at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 15:13:54 PST 2016

There is a thread running on the ROOL forum regarding SecureSockets, a ratehr
elderly module which provides a SWI interface for SSL/TLS communication:

As part of the discussion it was suggedted by Theo that the best way to
update SecureSockets would be to write a shim module which would link to a
shared library port of OpenSSL or similar. This would have the advantage that
the security code in the preferred library could easily be updated without
rebuilding the module.

Is such an approach possible?  I have very little understanding of how the
shared library ELF loader works, and the thread has now got diverted onto
whether German ISPs insist on a more recent SSL version than SecureSockets

Is there a good guide to what really happens behind the scenes when a shared
library is loaded?  I don't even know what memory space these things live in.



Matthew Phillips

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