[gccsdk] Bugzilla spam

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Tue Oct 4 01:24:57 PDT 2016

It looks like riscos.info bugzilla underwent a sustained spam attack
yesterday.  The mailing lists are set up so that they receive copies of new
bug reports, and hence the spam was reflected to the gccsdk mailing list :(

Unfortunately I was flying yesterday so had no access to mail for much of
the day.  Anyway, I have now disabled bugzilla completely which should have
ceased the torrent.  I will also excise the messages from the archives
(which I presume is the primary point of the spam payload).

I'm not a great fan of bugzilla in general so will consider if there's a
better system to migrate the (small) existing bug database to - opinions

Apologies for the unwanted torrent :(

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