[gccsdk] wget 1.19.1 tries to write a logfile

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Wed Aug 30 12:29:12 PDT 2017

Hi Theo,

> It is still worth commenting on upstream bug trackers - they won't
> know what RISC OS is, but if the bug is not a RISC OS specific one
> then the bug report is still relevant.

It might be that RISC OS triggers it in a similar way to the odd set up
on that bug report.

    955 static void
    956 check_redirect_output (void)
    957 {
    958 #ifndef WINDOWS
    959   /* If it was redirected already to log file by SIGHUP, SIGUSR1 or -o parameter,
    960    * it was permanent.
    961    * If there was no SIGHUP or SIGUSR1 and shell is interactive
    962    * we check if process is fg or bg before every line is printed.*/
    963   if (!redirect_request_signal_name && shell_is_interactive && !opt.lfilename)
    964     {
 →  965       if (tcgetpgrp (STDIN_FILENO) != getpgrp ())
    966         {
    967           /* Process backgrounded */
  → 968           redirect_output (true,NULL);
    969         }

I haven't run this code, but I wonder if 965 is true.  If Kevin is happy
to modify the source and re-build then he might be able to tell that 968

Cheers, Ralph.

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