[gccsdk] GCC and Rpi3

Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Sun Sep 10 09:22:53 PDT 2017

On 05/09/17 11:36, Gavin Wraith wrote:
> The current GCC for RISC OS was developed before the
> Rpi3 became available. Are there any issues (e.g.
> with compiler flags) for those using GCC on an Rpi3?

I assume you mean generating code for use on Rpi3?

AFAIK, the default flags should be fine for Rpi3 and tend to
generate code that is suitable for all CPUs. It's when you wish
to generate code that takes advantage of newer instructions
that you may wish to change the default flags (e.g, -mfpu=vfp).



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