[gccsdk] SimpleGit

Jeffrey Lee me at phlamethrower.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 16:46:10 PST 2018


Attached is a first-pass autobuilder recipe for SimpleGit 
(https://github.com/sba1/simplegit). The resulting binary seems to work 
well enough to clone repositories via https - I haven't tested it much 
beyond that.

Issues are likely to be:

* Filename translation might need tweaking to allow easy control over the 
rules that are used for each repository
* Likewise filetype translation is likely to need tweaking (e.g. support 
for ,xxx suffixes in the repository).
* It's a bit slow - although a lot of that is likely to be due to 
deficiencies in RISC OS.
* It's had minimal testing
* The recipe is a bit rough around the edges

I'll try and find the time to work on it a bit more over the next few 
days/weeks, but figured it was a good idea to share it now while it's 
still in this early state just in case someone else is eager to have a 
play around.

This recipe builds libgit2 from the submodule that's imported by 
SimpleGit. But I also have patches for building libgit2 from the 
upstream libgit2 git repo, so I might experiment with them to produce a 
libgit2 recipe which SimpleGit can then use instead.


- Jeffrey
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