[gccsdk] SimpleGit

Jeffrey Lee me at phlamethrower.co.uk
Sun Nov 18 14:41:33 PST 2018

On Sat, 10 Nov 2018, Theo Markettos wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 10:07:03PM +0000, Jeffrey Lee wrote:
>> Cheers. I'll hopefully have an update tomorrow that tidies up the package a
>> bit (e.g. proper version number), so if uploading the built version to
>> riscos.info is a manual thing then it's probably best to hold off on that
>> for the time being.
> It is, until I get some time to redo the CI system, entirely manual.
> When it's stable enough for us to advertise builds, do let us know.

I tested out https and git (ssh) push support today. https works, but ssh 
(using public/private key pairs) appears to be broken - generating a 
rather un-useful message of "libgit error: No detailed error message!". So 
that'll need some debugging to find out where & why it's being generated.

Also, a quick look through the libssh2 source suggests that it'll try to 
get your public/private key by using a Unix domain socket to connect to 
the ssh agent - which obviously won't exist on RISC OS. So it might be 
that that error message is indicative of that failure, or it might be that 
there are two problems to solve.

I've added a !Help file which covers common operations and RISC OS 
specific usage info. It's a bit awkward to use, but since "awkward git 
client" is better than "no git client", I think it's probably in a 
suitable state for us to make a first release.


- Jeffrey

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