[gccsdk] gccsdk on arm

Michael Grunditz michael.grunditz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 07:13:09 PDT 2019

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          Chris Gransden <chrisg at care4free.net> wrote:

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>    Michael Grunditz <michael.grunditz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi

>> I wonder if it is possible to build and use gccsdk on ARM Linux?
>> I would love to do so. My PC does heat up the room :)

> It builds successfully on a Raspberry Pi4 using Debian Buster (aarch32)
> making the below change after the initial build fails,

> Change line 2227 in srcdir.orig/gcc-trunk/gcc/config/arm/arm.h from 'if
> defined(__arm__)' to 'if !defined(__arm__)'.

Ah good. I also consider Pi4.

Michael Grunditz

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