[gccsdk] SimpleGit

Jeffrey Lee me at phlamethrower.co.uk
Sat May 25 07:17:41 PDT 2019

For anyone keeping track of this thread, I've just submitted an updated 
recipe that improves file handling (",xxx" suffixes are now used where 
appropriate, and image files are treated as directories to allow them to 
be stored in git), and fixes a few bugs/limitations in simplegit itself.

Using this new version it's now possible to correctly checkout entire 
products from ROOL's gitlab server (https://gitlab.riscosopen.org/) - 

set UnixEnv$sgit$sfix ""
sgit clone https://gitlab.riscosopen.org/Products/Disc.git Disc
dir Disc
sgit submodule init
sgit submodule update

(However note that "sgit status" will report a few differences due to some 
files having asymmetric filename translation, because of redundant ",xxx" 

I've uploaded a build of the package to my site if people want to try it 


If there aren't any major issues discovered over the next few days, it 
would be good to have the package in riscos.info updated, as the ability 
to store filetypes using ,xxx suffixes is a big step forward for using git 
for RISC OS projects (I would have enabled it earlier if I'd realised that 
UnixLib had support for it built-in!)


- Jeffrey

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