[gccsdk] Autobuilder fetch-program

Ron ronanon at zoho.com
Mon Jul 6 03:42:51 PDT 2020

I have attached a patch file to show how I expanded the AB_URL= in
setvars files so that it can get a local copy of an archive.
Just enter the the file path and it will check for it before reverting
to going online for it. Note it is /not/ in the file:// format as it
will use cp for the locally kept archive, but utilises the existing
following AB_URL/wget archive handling.

Similar subject, when doing a make clean and ./build-world, a copy
of the gcc4 src archives can be restored after the clean and they wont
be redownloaded during build-world.

./build-world and make ronative have completed OK here, BTW


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--- fetch-program.orig	2020-06-19 16:04:14.422018524 +1200
+++ fetch-program	2020-06-19 18:23:06.353414843 +1200
@@ -78,7 +78,13 @@
 elif [ "$AB_URL" != "" ] ; then
+ if ( test -a $AB_URL ) ; then
+    echo "Copying local file pointed to by AB_URL"
+    cp $AB_URL ./
+    else
+    echo "No local file pointed to by AB_URL, reverting to wget"
   wget -U "GCCSDK Autobuilder for RISC OS" -nv $AB_URL
+  fi
   base=$(basename $AB_URL)
   if echo $base | grep -q -E "\.gz$|\.tgz$" ; then
     tar xfz $base

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