[gccsdk] Can someone fix libsdl-mixer1.2?

Lee Noar lee.noar at sky.com
Wed Jul 15 12:15:22 PDT 2020

On 14/07/2020 19:34, Alan wrote:
> I have been trying to get libsdl-mixer1.2 to build in the autobuilder 
> without success.
> The problem seems to be that it won't build the VFP version of the 
> shared libraries. I've looked about but couldn't see any obvious problems.
> Can someone else have a look and see what the problem is and fix it please?

Hi Alan,

Make sure you have RO_SHAREDLIBS=yes in the build-setvars file in your
build directory. If not, then a lot of the libraries will not build
with shared libraries. Having just started from scratch to look at
your problem, I made the mistake of forgetting it and experienced
the same issue as you. Now that I've added it, libsdl-mixer1.2 builds
successfully (you'll have to rebuild all its dependent libraries as

For libtiff, I also had to remove the AB_CONFLAGS='--disable-static'
line from setvars otherwise it fails to build with the error "Unable
to stat dummy.o". I haven't committed it because I don't know why that
line was added in the first place.


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