[gccsdk] New SharedLibs incompatibility

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 22 00:04:58 PDT 2020

The new version of the shared C libraries I’ve just released alongside the new GCC release for RISC OS seem to be incompatible with programs compiled against the previous version of GCC.

I tried the Python3 download yesterday against the new shared libs and it crashed complaining about pthread_cond.

Any ideas why this may be? Has the abi changed? or is it something more subtle?

How should this be fixed?

I’m wondering about asking the few people who are shipping things that use the shared libraries to update there apps to use the new versions, but this may be asking too much.

If not, we need to ship a new version of the Shared libraries with a new version number and in a new package. Will we need new shared libraries for everything that depends on them (like Qt) as well?

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