[gccsdk] New SharedLibs incompatibility

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Thu Jul 23 04:38:01 PDT 2020

In message <a39ee097-8988-9994-1353-2323af3355bf at sky.com>
  Lee Noar <lee.noar at sky.com> wrote:

> On 22/07/2020 08:04, alan buckley wrote:
>> The new version of the shared C libraries I�ve just released alongside
>> the new GCC release for RISC OS seem to be incompatible with programs
>> compiled against the previous version of GCC.
>> I tried the Python3 download yesterday against the new shared libs and
>> it crashed complaining about pthread_cond.


>> How should this be fixed?

> Fortunately, it's a fairly easy fix, and I'll have it fixed shortly.
> It effects both the shared and static Unixlib libraries, but nothing
> else.

Is r7347 the full fix?

Previously running Python38a6 this was the error ;-

pthread_cond_init: Invalid argument
Fatal Python error: _PyRuntimeState_Init_impl: Can't initialize 
threads for interpreter
Python runtime state: unknown

With r7347 and full rebuild of both build-world and ronative I get 
this :-

Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0x293344 (Main Thread)
  (  807f34) pc: 474e9e34 lr: 474ea250 sp:   807f38  
  (  807fa0) pc: 474e9f84 lr: 474ebd54 sp:   807fa4  
  (  807fb0) pc: 474ebc3c lr: 474ca418 sp:   806c9c  __h_cback()

  Register dump at 00807fb4:

    a1: 204da3b0 a2:        1 a3:        1 a4:        1
    v1:   2bb7e4 v2:   2bb7e0 v3:   2bc4a0 v4:   284808
    v5:   2888d0 v6:   806e38 sl:   806208 fp:   806cac
    ip: 204da354 sp:   806c9c lr: 474ca418 pc: 474ca428
    cpsr: 20000010

  474ca414 : îýë : ebfdee8a : BL      &47445E44
  474ca418 : .0ӌ : e5943004 : LDR     R3,[R4,#4]
  474ca41c : ..Sã : e3530000 : CMP     R3,#0
  474ca420 : H!“. : 15932148 : LDRNE   R2,[R3,#328]
  474ca424 : .. . : 13a01007 : MOVNE   R1,#7
  474ca428 : ... : 15831118 : STRNE   R1,[R3,#280]
  474ca42c : . . : 15842004 : STRNE   R2,[R4,#4]
  474ca430 : ÿðýë : ebfdf0ff : BL      &47446834
  474ca434 : .. ã : e3a00000 : MOV     R0,#0

  (  806cac) pc: 474ca404 lr:   12f604 sp:   806cb0  
  (  806cc8) pc:   12f5d4 lr:   11c080 sp:   806ccc  
  (  806ce8) pc:   11bfac lr:   11a440 sp:   806cec  
  (  806e24) pc:   11a2a8 lr:   11aa6c sp:   806e28  
  (  806e68) pc:   11aa28 lr:    2b368 sp:   806e6c  
  (  806f90) pc:    2b2bc lr:    2c368 sp:   806f94  pymain_init()
  (  806fdc) pc:    2c334 lr:    21348 sp:   806fe0  Py_BytesMain()
  (  806fec) pc:    2133c lr: 47500cc0 sp:   806ff0  main()

David Pitt

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