[gccsdk] Is it time for a new version of GCC4?

Lee Noar lee.noar at sky.com
Thu Mar 19 08:33:14 PDT 2020

On 17/03/2020 17:11, Alan wrote:
> On 16/03/2020 15:44, Lee Noar wrote:
>>> The RISC OS packages have a new environment field and I'd like to add
>>> them to the GCC4 packages. I've noticed some useful work has been done
>>> in GCC 4 so it would be nice to get this included as well.
>>> I'm happy to have a go at building and packaging the latest GCC4, but
>>> before I do I want to check the current status.
>>> Is it stable at the moment or are some new changes about to go in?
>> I do have some changes to commit to Unixlib and I need to check that
>> GCC4 still builds and runs correctly. Admittedly, I have neglected GCC4
>> recently in favour of GCC8, so all the testing I've been doing is with
>> the GCC8 build (autobuilder/develop/gcc).
> Let me know when you've done what you need to for GCC4 and I'll go
> ahead and build and package the new version.

Ok, I think that's everything. If you could try building it and let
me know how you go.

> There's no desperate rush as long as it's not 3 months away:-)

Not quite 3 months :-)

> I know a month ago GCC4 didn't build as I tried it on another machine.

Do you remember why? I'm building on Kubuntu 19.10 and didn't
encounter any major issues. I had to install the rename utility
for the header suffix swap in the native build.

> I'm really intrigued about GCC8, but I'm being patient and waiting for
> more information to be "officially" released on it.

I'll look at building a native version.


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