[gccsdk] Is it time for a new version of GCC4?

Norman Lawrence norman.cathy.lawrence at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 14:36:27 PDT 2020

Lee that is great news many thanks for your hard work. Fortran is very
useful for engineering applications and to be able to run it on RISC OS is
a big bonus. Especially with all the powerful platforms now available. 😊

On Fri., 20 Mar. 2020, 07:01 Lee Noar, <lee.noar at sky.com> wrote:

> On 17/03/2020 08:22, Norman Lawrence wrote:
> > Hi Lee Is there any chance to include fortran in the build?  I do
> > not have the skills to do it myself but I would be happy to trial out
> > the fortran build.
> I've now added the fortran compiler and runtime library to the cross
> compiler. I'm not familiar with fortran, but I was able to build a
> simple helloworld test program and run the result on RISC OS (after
> installing the libgfortran runtime shared library).
> The compiler's name is arm-riscos-gnueabihf-gfortran.
> Lee.
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