[gccsdk] Building GCC 8

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Mon Mar 30 02:52:47 PDT 2020

Lee Noar, on 30 Mar, wrote:


> When building GCC8 or using it as the compiler in the autobuilder, you
> have to have:
> in your build-setvars file. 

Many thanks, the build does now complete and there is a !SharedLibs with

There was a minor matter at the end of the build.

Autobuilder: Packaging source
/home/djp/gccsdk/autobuilder/build-program: line 384: distclean: command not
/home/djp/gccsdk/autobuilder/build-program: line 384: clean: command not
Package gcc: ***Failure***
Build for package "gcc" failed

Not a complete failure however.

djp at ubuntu1910:~/gccsdk/env$ ./ro-path gcc --version
arm-unknown-riscos-gcc (GCCSDK GCC 4.7.4 Release 3) 4.7.4

djp at ubuntu1910:~/gccsdk/env$ ./ro-path arm-riscos-gnueabihf-gcc --version
arm-riscos-gnueabihf-gcc (GCCSDK GCC 8.2.0) 8.2.0

Thanks again.
David Pitt

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